Friday, May 15, 2015

Modern Herringbone

I've been quite busy working on a large queen-size herringbone quilt for a while now, and I've finally finished it.

There are 528 half-square triangles in this quilt. Talk about a lot of trimming!

I ended up using Windham Fabric's wide quilt back writing for the backing. This is the first time I've used wide quilt backing, and I must say it was wonderful. I've always pieced my backs before today, but I might just be looking for more opportunities to use the wide backing in the future. It saved so much time!

I used Kona Royal Blue for the binding.  I really think the blue compliments the quilt nicely and doesn't distract from the pattern.  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Star Cluster Surprise

Back in January the original members of the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild started to collaborate and conspire against one of our own. Jenny, one of our members, is expecting her first baby very soon, and we just couldn't let the event pass by without celebrating it. Our February meeting just so happened to be at Jenny's house, and we took the opportunity to ask her all kinds of typical questions. The most important question asked that would interest a quilter in particular is about the nursery colors (navy, white, gray, and pink). Once we had collected our much needed info, we choose our block pattern (a star block), we decided on where to showcase the nursery colors in the quilt, and we had one month to finish two star blocks before the next meeting.

The March meeting was entertaining with all the block hand-offs. We were trying not to bring attention to ourselves, but I'm sure some of our new members could tell something was up.  One of the contributors offered to donate batting for the quilt. We sat outside of a restaurant for two hours after our meeting chatting with Jenny about anything and everything. Little did she know that we were waiting for her to leave so the batting could be handed off. The one person we didn't want to notice seemed to be completely oblivious to our scheming, so we were in good shape.

With all the blocks in hand, I got busy piecing the front, piecing the back, basting, quilting, and binding.  I had 4 weeks to finish this quilt. That's not usually a bit deal for me, but I was also working on a queen size custom order at the same time.  It all worked out in the end and the quilt was completed in time.

The April meeting was a rush. Jenny, who habitually shows up late to our meetings, was actually early! We had to work around it and still act like nothing was going on. We had a cake hidden under pizza boxes. The quilt was finished except for the writing on the quilt label.  Jenny almost walked in on that one. We incorporated her quilt into our show and tell during the meeting. One of our members held it up and Jenny's immediate reaction was, "Awwww!" She still didn't know it was hers. We asked her to go up and stand by the quilt and then it all clicked. It was a successful surprise. We had a lot of fun putting everything together and honoring one of our beloved guild members.

Quilt contributors:  Sarah Terry, Lori Stoll, Jenny Harris (recipient), Janet Middlekauff, Katelyn Vawter, Susan Elliot, Carolyn Bledsoe, and Kelly Young (not pictured)

Jenny and her cake!

Picture by Jenny Harris

Picture by Jenny Harris

Picture by Jenny Harris
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