Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Wedding Quilt Complete

I'm so glad to be finished with this quilt.  The wedding is in two weeks and I've finished it just in time.  I also took advantage of the Rowan Oak location (William Faulkner's home) in Oxford, MS, to take pictures just like I did for my Bestie's baby quilt.  I got a bit finger happy on my iPhone and I took lots of pictures.  I hope you don't mind.  :)

I used a layered cake of the Amy Butler's Belle collection for this quilt.  The fabric patterns are bold and beautiful, and creates an explosion of color when put together.

The land scape around Rowan Oak is beautiful with all the tall trees and wooden areas surrounding the house.

The house is also lovely and has all these quirky characteristics that really show off the eccentric personality of William Faulkner.

I also had a jelly roll of the Belle collection that I used to help put together the back and the binding.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

QuiltCon 2015 Registration!

I'm so excited about QuiltCon!  I registered this morning and I'm really looking forward it.

There were so many classes to choose from, and I had a really tough time deciding.  I took some of the advice I received from other quilters who attended QuiltCon in the past to not over book myself, and I'm happy with my selections.  The two classes I chose are "Playing With Value" with Cheryl Arkison and "Dot to Dot Quilting" with Angela Walters.  "Playing With Value" will help me better understand the color value of fabrics and how better to pair them.  "Dot to Dot Quilting" will help me broaden my quilting techniques and help me move away from the walking foot when appropriate to better accomplish my vision in my quilting.  These classes for me are about growth and better understanding of techniques.  I can't wait to learn!

I'm also a super volunteer and will be helping set up Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday are class days.  Saturday and Sunday are free days to roam (and spend more money than I should).

I use to live in Austin for 8 years.  Four of those years were spent as a student at the University of Texas and the other 4 were spent as a teacher.  Any free time away from the conference will be spent with family, friends, and favorite hangouts from my past.

Are you going to QuiltCon?  If you are, what does your schedule look like?  I can't wait to meet so many wonderful online quilting friends!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bestie's Baby Quilt

Today is a day of celebration!  My best friend is adopting a baby that is due any moment and today is the baby shower.  It's been a hectic few weeks planning a baby shower and finishing a baby quilt in time.  I worked diligently over the past two weeks to make sure it was all done before today.

Yesterday, my husband and I spent a day (without children) in Oxford, MS.  We walked around the town square and visited Rowan Oak, William Faulkner's home.  I took two quilts along with me and took advantage of the beautiful setting to take some great pictures.  The fact that my best friend is also a bibliophile (English teacher/library science grad student) makes this location even better.

I used a charm pack of Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill collection along with some coordinating solids to create the front.  

The quilting is pretty extensive.  I used the wonky stars to determine the directions of all the echo quilting lines.  It took more time than I anticipated to finish the quilting, but I was too far into it to change my mind once I realized it.

I used Reminisce by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics for the back.  It's a bit softer than the bold and bright colors of the front, but it brings everything together.

For the binding, I used a herringbone print from Joann's that brings out the aqua from the prints.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop: Week 2

Week 2 of the 2014 Blog Hop for New Modern Quilt Bloggers hosted by Beth over at Plum and June is upon us.  Please go and check out all the wonderful new bloggers this year.  The featured bloggers for this week are:
I'll be in the next group of bloggers on July 9th!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Birthday Quilt

About two weeks ago, my daughter celebrated her fifth birthday.  She has always taken an interest in all the different quilts that I make for others, but I hadn't taken the time to make something for her.  It was time to change that.  She watched me make this quilt oblivious to the fact it was for her.  She kept saying things like, "Mommy, this quilt is so pretty!"  I was secretly relieved that she liked it and I couldn't wait to give it to her.  It was a huge success!

I used a jelly role of Bonnie & Camille's Marmalade collection with some Riley Blake Pink Swiss Dots between the columns.

The back has Amy Butler's Tangerine / Full Moon Polka Dot fabric.

I used the larger floral prints in the jelly role to make a scrappy binding.

My daughter insisted on posing with her quilt.

She has not parted with this quilt since she got it and now my son wants one, too.  His birthday is at the end of September, so I've got a little bit of time to make one for him as well.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Confessions of a Blogger

It's confession time.  I'm horrible at responding to comments in a timely manner.  I have loads of excuses that I'm sure you don't want to hear...full-time job, two small kids, things to do around the house, time spent sewing, etc...  I always feel guilty when I can't respond to every comment and it can become very overwhelming.  There are times when my response is a week after the comment was made.  If it's past a week, sometimes I just try and start fresh with the new comments.  Am I alone in this?  Some of you are wonderful responders.  What is your secret?

I just want you to know that I read every comment.  I take into consideration all the suggestions made and I'm so thankful for all the kind words.  I will try and do better at responding.  My goal from now on is to respond to all comments by the end of the day.  Cheer me on in this since I'm sure there will be days that I struggle.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 Blog Hop for New Modern Quilt Bloggers: Week 1

I'm sure most of you noticed the 2014 Blog Hop for New Modern Quilt Bloggers hosted by Beth over at Plum and June started yesterday, and I'm so excited to be participating this year.  There are so many wonderful new bloggers that will be featured over four different weeks throughout the summer, and you really need to check them out.  I'll be featured on July 9th.  The featured bloggers for this week are:
Start visiting these blogs today and see what wonderful things they are creating.  Don't be shy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sewing Room Makeover: Part 2

Here's the finished room!  I've been looking forward to this for several months now and I can't believe it's finally complete.

My sewing table has been painted and moved into my sewing room.  The side table against the wall is the Go-Cart desk and accompanying filing cabinet from CB2.  Next to the filing cabinet is my scrap storage in clear plastic drawers.  Some day I may try and come up with a creative storage options for all my scraps, but these drawers work for now.  Above the desk on the wall is BYGEL wall storage system rail complete with four containers and a wire basket from IKEA.  Above that is a BIGNITET curtain wire with RIKTIG curtain clips from IKEA as well.  The Keep Calm prints were an ETSY find about a year ago and the "dream colorfully" sign was a steal at the Pottery Barn Outlet store.

The sewing table extremely functional.  I have the height adjustment dials to adjust between my two sewing machines to create a flush surface.  My father also created openings for the knee lifts to fit exactly for each machine in the side of the table.  He also left enough space on the right side of the machine for the cords to fit and go under the table instead of on top.  I love having my cords hidden.

As you can tell from the pictures, there is a lip around the edge of the cut out to hold the inserts for the table.  I have an insert for my JUKI, my Bernina, and a solid insert if I need the table to have a solid surface.

To the right of the desk I have my project baskets to keep everything organized. 

My project tracker has been attached to the wall along with my thread rack.  I use to keep these on the desk, but now I have so much more space open to me with these on the wall.

At the end of the sewing machine, I have a kitchen cart from IKEA.  This thing is amazing to keep beside me while I work.  It holds all the important tools I need to keep handy while I'm working on top as well as additional storage below.

Hanging on the backside of the kitchen cart is a kneeling pad for basting purposes and a folding bag to carry projects to Modern Quilting Guild meetings or sew-ins. 

The quilt rack is an original piece made by my father.  It's gorgeous and I'm so lucky to have it in my possession.   The quilt at the top is my grandmother's orange peel quilt that really inspired me to take up the craft of quilting.  I'm so glad to have a place to display it where I can continue to be inspired by the generations before me.

My cutting/extension table is a wonderful addition to my room.  It can be fully extended when I need the space or only partially extended when I just need a little extra surface to quilt or cut.  When I don't need it, I can roll it back into it's little nook and it's out of the way.  The six drawers on the ends are perfect storage for my scissors/rotary cutters, my gipsy grippers for my cutting templates, and the tape I use for basting.  I still have three empty drawers, but I'm sure I'll find something to put in there eventually.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we put wheels on everything that didn't originally come with them.  My sewing room is completely portable and it's nice to be able to move my furniture around to meet the needs of any given project.

On the other side of the room is a rolling cart that holds whichever sewing machine is not currently being used, my cutting templates, and my sewing machine accessories for the machine on top.  My newest sewing machine cover is working out wonderfully with my JUKI, and I can't wait to make another one to replace the too-small cover currently on my sewing table for my Bernina.

My design wall is HUGE and I love it!  I've had it up for almost a year now and I can't imagine functioning without it.  I did have a pretty WIP on it before I took this picture, but the quilt is a gift and I didn't want to give anything away.

My ironing board has a permanent home here in this corner of the room and my flying geese quilt is proudly displayed above it to bring some more color into the room.

The last thing remaining to be updated in this room is this china cabinet.  I found this solid wood cabinet for $75 on Craigslist.  I plan on painting this a fun color, but I haven't completely decided on which color yet.  It's perfect for fabric storage on top and craft storage below. 


I had several requests for a before and after shot.  



Monday, June 2, 2014

Sewing Room Makeover: Part 1

My parents came to visit last week and with them came lots of sewing room goodies.  With the help of IKEA, and my father's handy work, I received a new sewing table, a utility table, and several storage accessories.  Needless to say, I've been pretty giddy since everything arrived.

My new sewing table is actually the INGO Table from IKEA.

My father cut out an opening and created a base underneath to hold the sewing machine.  He also created inserts to create a flush surface with the table and my sewing machines, but I'll show those off in part 2 of the sewing room makeover reveal.

Here's a view from underneath.

Since this table needs to work with two sewing machines, the sewing machine base needs to be adjustable.  My dad created these dials to make the height adjustment easier when I need to switch out my machines.

One thing that I also find beneficial in a sewing room is to have portable furniture.  My sewing room is usually arranged to best meet the needs of my current project.  This requires some wheels.  We measured all my table heights and adjusted them so they would all be the same height after the wheels were added.

Here's my dad!  Everyone wave and say, "Hello!"
We marked our table legs, sawed off the excess, and drilled our holes for the wheels to be inserted.


With a little tap of a hammer, these wheels became a permanent fixture on my table.

What I failed to take any pictures of is the painting process of my new sewing table.  It's now white and matches the other tables in my sewing room very nicely.  You'll see the finished table in part 2 of the reveal.

My new cutting/extention table is the NORDEN Table from IKEA.  This table provides lots of storage and a versitile surface to meet any of my sewing room needs.  The best thing about this table is the ability to collapse it and move it when I don't need it. 

We also added wheels to this table.  My father used a Japanese hand saw to trim the table legs.  This saw cuts through wood like butter and it's for intricate wood working.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the reveal.  I'm so excited to share this with you!
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