Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shower Crafts - A non-quilting post.

This past week, my time has been dedicated to creating decorations for a baby shower coming up this weekend.  Since I know there is a chance the mom-to-be is reading this, I won't go into all the details of the shower decor prep, but I will show what I've been working on.  I took on the tasks of creating a wreath for the front door and the bunting to be hung inside.

I don't know what I was thinking when I volunteered for the wreath because I really don't have a lot of experience making one, but I came up with a way to use my strengths.  I was searching on Pinterest recently for fabric wall decor.  I need to spruce up the walls of my sewing room (363 days of the year), which is also my formal dining room (2 days of the year).  I wanted something that could function no matter the layout of the furniture on any given day , so fabric art sounded like the way to go.  Of course, fabric hoops are some of the first images that pop-up and the thought occurred to me that I could make a fabric hoop into a wreath.  So, I did.

I ended up buying an 18-inch fabric hoop, a wooden letter, and yellow yarn.  I used fabric I already had on hand and went to town.  I stretched out the fabric on the hoop, centered the letter on the fabric, tied the letter down in a few places, and started sewing the letter to the fabric loop by loop.  It took awhile to completely sew the yarn around the letter, but I really like the 3-D element the wooden letter gives versus just having a flat letter sewn on the front.

The other nice thing about this wreath is the versatility.  This can be hung on the front door, or it can become decor for the nursery itself (or stuffed in a closet somewhere completely forgotten).  Either way, this wreath will serve its function at the shower and can be used afterwards however the mom-to-be sees fit.

I also started making the bunting.  I had full intentions of making this out of paper, but the yellow chevron was just too enticing to pass on and I had a nice coupon to use.  The mom-to-be is also quite the crafty person, so I thought she would appreciate the little extra effort in creating fabric bunting versus the paper version.

I'm still debating on the color of binding I should use to sew them together, but I'm going to let the other ladies decorating decide.  It should be a fun week of prep.

Also, here's a sneak-peak at the mom-to-be's quilt. 

I know...I'm such a tease.


  1. Will the mom to be get to keep the bunting, too? Even if she doesn't hang it all the time, it would be a fun thing for the baby to play pretend with as they get older.

  2. Oh what a wonderful idea, a quilt for the mom to be! You'll show us all the decorations and the whole quilt after the shower right? Please? :-)

  3. This looks adorable! Make sure someone takes pics this weekend since I will be out of town! love~

  4. Have fun at the shower! I love all the handmade touches that you are making!! Great idea to have some of the shower decor pull double duty and work as nursery decor too!!


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